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The Gobal Kertransz Ltd. are dealing with mobile craning, transporting, renting platforms, renting forklifts, machine settling – with special rolling devices and vehicles and oversized-transports’ technical attending. Our company’s headquarter and first site is located at Miskolc-Felsőzsolca, and our second site is located at Kazincbarcika, in the area of BorsodChem Zrt. Especially, we take labor in the north side of Hungary, in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén region, but in every devision of the country we can make self-maintainment. Beyond that we can take works in nearby countries too (Slovakia, Romania).

Our corporation is registrated in 1995 at the Court of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County as Gobal Kertransz Commercial and Service Provider Corporation. The corporation is started it’s activity as a family company, and it is still works a 100% family company. In this case we can serve and gratify the changing consumer demands with flexibility and mindfulness, with high quality and propriety. At the moment our company is employ near 50 person, and we try to serve our orderers with 4 office-clerks and 46 physical employed. The Gobal Ltd in 1995 started it’s activity with mobile craning and trade of steel goods. In 2002 as an extend of the service we started the trucking industry, within the confines of this extend we transport with self-loading trucks, trailers, vans, and take works for transports for heavy machinery, machines, devices, pallet goods, bulk goods and containers.

In 2005 in another service extend we bought some self-propelled, off-road and car-mounted boom lift platforms, and with them we can make works until 42 meters. In 2007 the corporation started the configuration of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality management standard, this proper operation, and in 2008 the corporation got the relating acknowledgement and certificate. For nowadays the Gobal Ltd is one of the biggest and the most decisive company in Northeast of Hungary, who is continually improve the machine park and service, ensuring the correct and long-term partnership. From time to time the machine park is modernized, improving the technical parameters, higher quality services.

At the moment we have 26 mobile cranes, 12 trucks, 30 platforms, 8 forklifts, 3 telescopic forklifts, 2 tabled technical attending car and more additional devices. The liability insurance is for the activities and the punctual, maximal, customer-oriented working as the ISO standard show what is granted by our firm.

Currently at our company we are purchasing a mobile crane, and some platforms too, and with this growing we would like to enlarge the our services in favour of our partners. Due to the Gobal Kertransz Ltd is a small medium-sized company stand with high quality service in front of the new and the extant partners!

„We hold the raised quality in high”

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